Apartment Management System

Auto e-mail Services   Essential Services
- Configure email/sms reminders to be   sent to members few days before a   payment due date, and after due date
- Auto Email Notification Service
  - List of common service providers in the   community.
- Contact numbers of service providers are   stored in the database.
- Contact your service providers as and when   you need.
- Quality service given by service providers
Payments   Accounts
- Payments details can be viewed
- Fully legally compliant Payment   Gateway that apartment members can   trust.
- Status of payment
- Reminders of the payment
- Due date of payment
Easy Settings   Easy to Operate
- Easy registration
- Easy to post news
  - Easy to use
- User Friendly
- Easily accessible
- Affordable
Standard Charges   Optional Visitor Management Software
- One time payment   - Software through which an organization   manages visitors, improve safety, security, and   generate valuable visitor data.
- More accurate screening of visitors
- Overall lower costs by eliminating physical staff
- Streamlined check-in process
- Detailed visitor information captured quickly   and accurately
- Professional-looking, full-color, customized   badges can be printed
- Can be deployed in minutes
- Cost Effective