Sugarcane Management Software-SCMS

EMBASSY’S SCMS enables sugar factory to efficiently plan, manage and forecast their business operations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace. Since a sugar factory totally relies on timely and quality sugarcane supply, therefore monitoring of sugarcane from the fields up to the factory till it gives “Sugar” is the focused area in sugar factory. SCMS allows, keeping track the amount of cane that is being cultivated for factory, keeping track of transportation required, harvesting labor required, advance payments, crop loans, weighbridge management and bills.

SCMS features are covered as follows
  • Pre-Calendaring activities
  • Cane calendaring and Indenting
  • Cane Purchase
    • Contractor accounts
    • Growers Payment
    • Weighbridge
    • Cane Accounts
    • Reports include
    • Ledger
    • Riot
    • Cane
    • Net area Reports
    • Cane cutting order
    • Weighment ticket
    • Harvesting Abstract
    • Bank accounts of cane

Unique features include

  • User interface and reports in regional languages
  • Understanding of product strategies and access to specialized skills
  • Transparent engagement models that gives a ring-side view of the project
  • Proven processes that enable delivery of rugged quality and predictability of delivery
  • No redundant data
  • Secured & controlled data access
  • Graphical analysis of various parameters