Visitor Management System

VMS-EITS is a simple, perfect and secured Visitor Management Software for Corporate, Industries, Modern Organization, and Research Centers and for multiple tenants like Tec part, Business Centers, Commercial complex, campus and residential complexes also… Typically EITS-VMS consist of three fundamental functional modules that is Visitor registration, Visitor Badge printing and Reporting functionality.


>> Understanding of product strategies and access to specialized skills
>> Transparent engagement models that gives a ring-side view of the project
>> Proven processes that enable delivery of rugged quality and predictability of delivery
>> No redundant data
>> Secured & controlled data access
>> Graphical analysis of various parameters
>> Reports include

Take off traditional pen and log book EITS-VMS – a Smart Security system
No pen, No log book, No hand written information, No Carbon copies, No tear-off pass.   A computer with user friendly Visitor Management Software to Manage, Monitor, Record and Retrieve relevant information as and when required.
Visitor Badge/Pass with Photo ID   Operate with the language of your choice
Professional visitor badge (color / BW) with company logo, type of pass, Visitor photo, number of people accompanying and the details of Host (contact person), purpose with authorized signatory.   VMS is available in multiple and dual language like English, Hindi, Polish, French, Kannada, Telugu and many regional and international language of customer choice.
Streamlined Check in /Check Out Process   Enhanced Security using Biometric
Smooth operation while large turn over of visitors. Visitor Management System will cuts down the time to register your visitor and subsequent visitor sign in and out.   By using power of Biometric, VMS will avoid false visitor information, verify visitor identity and remove human error. It also increases the productivity and security.